Cisa pass - Pontremoli (variant of Montelungo - XXXII mansiones of Sigeric)
29 June 2017

Crossing the Apennines is now easier thanks to the work of the Associazione Via Francigena Alta Lunigiana (AVFAL), sponsored by AIVF.  They cleared and restored the old trail (abandoned in 1937) taken by Leonardo da Vinci when he stayed in Colombera.

Details of variant:

  • Shorter by 1.4 km, max. hiking time of 4 hours from the Cisa Pass to Pontremoli
  • Easy hiking, mainly in the woods
  • Practicable (carefully) also in damp and rainy weather

At the Trattoria Ferrari in Succisa, many pilgrims leave a commentary in the Guest Book.
Make sure you discover it, as well!

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