DORMI TOPO FRANCIGENA –  the one and only!
The AIVF has produced 3 APPs which cover the 900 km of the Italian segment of the Via Francigena.
They can be downloaded on your iOS (Apple) or android smartphone or tablet.

The itinerary is divided into three parts:

  1. 1. From the Grand St-Bernard to Plaisance + Abbots way (Bobbio)
  2. 2. From Plaisance to San Gimignano + Via Francigena of Montelungo (Cisa pass-Pontremoli) + Abbots way bis
  3. 3. From San Gimignano to Rome + official VF to Abbadia S.Salvatore + Via to the abbeys S. Antimo and S. Salvatore

These 3 APPs, or guides, are an essential source of information for pilgrims, or even hikers, who want to follow all or part of this historic route. The APPs, which will be continuously updated, cover both the official Via Francigena route as well as the useful variants identified and verified in 2015 by AIVF volunteers.

The APPs contain the Association’s suggested accommodations – hotels, guesthouses, cottages, B&Bs, parishes, religious and private homes – which offer hospitality to pilgrims along the route. Some are very economical, but all require continuous updates on availability; AIVF thanks pilgrims for sending information.

The Apps are periodically updated with new improvements, new variants deemed to be advantageous, more direct or safer, and with new places offering hospitality to pilgrims. In some places along these routes, it is possible there will be no connection for your device. Pilgrims and hikers are advised to download maps and routes for offline consultation, so they can check their location even without telephone coverage. 
How it works


  1. 22.2.16  ***** no problem in scolling. Finally an APP for the Via francigena. congratulations
  2. 25.5.16 : we used the APP Dormi-Topo-Francigena for the first time !  A great help !

1 – Gran San Bernardo – Piacenza + Via degli Abati: Pavia – Bobbio (san Colombano † 615)

2 – Piacenza – San Gimignano + Montelungo dalla Cisa + Via degli Abati: Bobbio – Pontremoli

3- San Gimignano – Roma + Abbadia S. Salvatore MiBAC + Via di Sant’Antimo – San Salvatore

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