1. St Benoit Labre (F-Amettes 1748 – Rome 1783) Patron of Rome pilgrims, homeless, itinerants
  2. Since 1998, over 2,504 AMIS-Friends (1.2018) from 28countries throughout the world (as far away as Australia, New Zeland, Russia, Israel), have joined
  3. With a minimum annual fee they contribute financially and with useful information
  4. The membership is for 12 months
 Category Euros / CHF
single 26,00
family couple (children 6-15 years free) 40,00
junior (under 25 years) 15,00
groups (min. 10p) / per pers 15,00
parish groups (min. 10 p. 15-20 years) 5,00
voluntary association  (una tantum) 50,00

 Rome pilgrims receive:

  • an AMI /E membership card
  • a VF pilgrim’s passport Litterae Patentes Peregrinatoris iter per viam francigenam facientis with 56 spaces for stamps
    Olivier le +jeune pèlerin AIVF 8.17

    Olivier le +jeune pèlerin AIVF 8.17

  • Letter 2017 to the Friends of the VF
  • discount on all AIVF products
  • 2 VF stickers (7 x 10 cm)

on request or before you set out

  • the latest updates Topofrancigena and Welcome List

on presentation of AMI(E) Card

  • reductions in many accommodations mentioned in Dormifrancigena
  • free entrance or reductions in some monuments and museums along the VF

Religious accommodations: Official rules for pilgrims


  • CH-GSB hospice: Info GSB
  • F-Pas-de-Calais rue E. Delaire 92, Villers-Chatel tel. 0635160106
  • CH- Vufflens-la-ville Vullioud Sylvie + André

Pilgrims who walked in 2015-17 are willing to help: info, advice and suggestions 

  • Canterbury-Roma David Ross
  • GSB-Rome: Ueli Grüninger via CONTACT


Volunteers sought for welcoming pilgrims

 Creations of AMIS/ES

  • Composition Santiago + Via francigena …
  • Pilgrim’s bread Giovanni-I
  • Embroidery VF Isabelle D.
  • Greetings 2010 Margot, Inge
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