Pilgrimages in Rome

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Pilgrimages to Acquapendente

The Basilica of Holy Sepulchre in Acquapendente has, under the crypt, a small temple, identical in its form, its dimensions and its orientation with Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, memory of the Holy City, where, since the 10th C, pilgrims would stop to collect themselves before entering Rome.

Pilgrimages in Rome

  • 17-18.9. Roma Pilgrimage by night to the 7 Churches + 8.10.16 
  • 7 churches  itinerary recommanded by St Philippe Neri (Florence 1515-1595 Rome) Pierre-Yves Fux
  • to the tomb of St Benoit Labre patron of VF pilgrims (1748 Amettes-1783 Rome) in the church of Madonna dei Monti in via Madonna dei Monti, close to the Colosseum


  • Routes, churches and monuments present on historic map
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