RESEARCH since 1997

During the preliminary research work for the VF, a number of sites and monuments with historical and artistic value were brought to light. In 2002, in collaboration with the European Institute of Cultural Routes (EICR), a study was undertaken concerning:

1. Network of universities (UNI) research on the VF for degree projets, specific research and academic courses

  • Since 2014 UNI-FI introduced VF in the UNISCAPE programme
  • I-2014 Rome UNI La Sapienza Pre-Roman, consular Roman roads and medieval routes: from Sutri to La Storta along the VF by G. Bartoloni, M.T d’Alessio
  • CH-2002 Système d’information géographique pour les itinéraires culturels La VF-Vaud by H.M.Kokoue postgraduate prog. EPFL UNILausanne
  • CH-2010 UNIGineva + Viastoria Ciclo conferenze Chemins historiques: patrimoine “en marche“
  • I-2009 Serena Savelli-Roma La VF come struttura narrativa del territorio
  • I-2008 Isabella Tonioli-Ferrara Turismo alternativo
  • I-2006 Eleonora Berti-Firenze Una strada storica: la VF in Valdelsa
  • I-2004 Luca Bruschi-Piacenza Case Study VF-Italia; Paolo; Del Sante-Milano Case Study VF-Inghilterra
  • I-2003 UNI Gregoriana-Roma: Pellegrinaggio cristiano antico e medievale e le sue espressioni artistiche P. Jacobone CH-UNIL Institut de Géographie: corso Itinerari culturali e Via Francigena
  • CH-1998 1st training course Tourism and Heritage at the UNI-Geneva launched by A.T.

2. A network of Sites-Monuments on the VF to be saved

Recovered (*by A.T.)

  • Doubs Jougne: church St-Maurice 8-14th C LVI mansio of Sigeric Antefern = Côte l’Entefer (H. Wagner-Vallorbe)
  • CH-2002 Vaud Orbe*: church Notre-Dame 15th C   Veronica’s Veil
  • fresco (see suggestions)
  • CH–1999 Martigny*: Chromolithographs with the Stations of the Cross  (see suggestions)
  • I-1999 Rome-Vatican Library*: the only remaining breviaries after the Archives were destroyed in a fire in the 18th C
  • CH-1997 Valais Orsières*: ancient church St Pantaléon 12th C. stoup
  • In the prior’s garden
  • -1997 Valais Orsières: the ancient VF (in the centre picture) at Fontaine-Dessous

In danger

  • I-2012 Rome Cesano village: church of S. Nicola 11-17th C
  • I-2009 Siena Castiglion d’Orcia: S. Pellegrino alle Briccole XI mansio
  • I-2009 Siena Abbadia SS: S. Pietro in Paglia 11th C X mansion
  • CH-2000 Valais Orsières*:the oldest house 13-14th C
  • 2002-2010 Sites and monuments


  • I2011 Tuscany-Fucecchio S. Pierino Roman VF road disappears for a new bridge
  • CH-2003 Valais Verbier-Station: medieval routes in Sonalon and have become heated roads for deluxe chalets (2008-2009)
  • CH-1999 Valais Martigny pl. Centrale: St Théodule hospital13-14th C: commercial building


  • CH2015 Valais Vollèges: HouseAdelaïde1480-1600 work in progress
  • I-Toscane Altopascio: Badia a Pozzeveri  work in progress
  • I-2014 Vetralla: S.M. di Forocassio 10th C V mansio saved in extremis
  • I-2013 Abbadia a Isola-Monteriggioni: abbey and pilgrim hospitales SS. Cirino e Giacomo (community, ass. CIVITA)
  • I–2013 Latium Campagnano: sanctuary Madonna del Sorbo15th C
  • I–2008 Siena Abbadia S. Salvatore: wooden crucifix 12th C of abbey
  • I-2008 Toscane Aulla: S. Caprasio’s cloisters planted with biblical plants
  • CH-2007 Ticino Giornico: statue of St Pilgrim1600
  • I-2005 Rome S. Lazzaro 12th C on the via Trionfale-VF (mass on Sunday at 10am)
  • I-2005 Toscane Castelfiorentino: church S. Francesco
  • CH–2004 Bourg St-Pierre: ValsoreyMill 1460
  • I-2003-Siena Ricorso ad adiuvandum Santa Lucia (San Gimignano) on the VF: tourist village resized following petition by AIVF + others
  • CH-1994 Vaud Orbe-Montcherand: St. Etienne church frescoes 12th C
  • F–Hte Marne-Leffonds: Abbey of Mormant 13th C


  • 19th C chromolithographs (Paris Basset rue St-Jacques n. 64; L.Turgis Gne Imp ” Edit”) of the Stations of the Cross (St-Maurice, Verbier, Martigny, I-Pontremoli)
  • Veronica’s Veil (symbol of Rome pilgrimage since 1300)
  • Saint pilgrims also wearing the symbol of St Peter’s keys
  • 3 breviaries – Vatican Library 13-14th C (Carlen L. Kultur des Wallis 1981)
  • Chapel of St-Jean à Porte Latine in Martigny-Croix
  • 80 properties of the GSB (England-Sicily) ex. Hornchurch 13thC. London suburb
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