VF LOGO 2001

How the VF european logo was born

The logo is a visual expression of three important aspects of the Via Francigena:

  • Time: expressed by the image of Rome in the Tabula Peutingeriana (3rd-19th C.) the hub of the Roman consular road network
  • Geography: summed up by the old saying all Roads lead to Rome  and in the visualisation of the network of converging roads
  • Motivation: expressed by the image of the wayfarer (religious pilgrimage or man’s life as a pilgrimage) drawn from the Santiago de Compostella Pilgrim’s Guide (Ed. Germany 1521)

The logo was A.T.’s idea and was designed by artist Irio Fantini-Rome. It holds two patents: number 302010901854017 with the Ministero delle Attività produttive-Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi D.G.S.P.C.-U.I.B.M. ROMA, and number 816065 with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Geneva, dated 22.10.2003

The European VF logo has been acknowledged by the CofE (Service du Patrimoine Culturel et Naturel) on the 27.07.2001 and updated on the 02.04.2007

Use L’Association internationale VF may authorize the free use of their logo exclusively for cultural reasons Request for use [doc]

European Via Francigena Waymarking Standards Manual Ed. 2005 (updates C. of E. 02.04.07)

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