General Information: most VF guidebooks available on the market suggest different itineraries, sometimes VERY dangerous and quickly obsolete, but they nevertheless contain VERY important information 11.2018

Guides VF international

  • TOPOFRANCIGENA A Canterbury-Pontarlier Ed. AIVF 2004 (valid 90%) 100g SHOP
  • La VF de Sigeric de Pontarlier au Grand St-Bernard (GSB) Ed. 2013 by A.T. 120g SHOP
  • Lightfoot guidebooks Canterbury-Besançon, Besançon-Vercelli, Vercelli-Rome by P. Chinn, B. Gallard, Ed. 2014 (France: 322 pp, 376 gr )
  • Guía breve en español de la VF di Raúl Santiago Goñi Ed. 2014

Guides VF Italy

Products VF

  • Badge with St Peters keys
  • St Peters key for backpack
  • Pennant VF Canterbury-Roma
  • Thermo-adhesive embroidered badge
  • Omnes viae Romam perducunt reflective band

Scientific research

Guides by pilgrims AMIS



  • 1-9 La VF Canterbury-Roma with Mario Tozzi
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