The VIA is described in many guidebooks published by official and private associations.


Leaving Canterbury: North Downs Way, easy and signposted


  • Fédération Française Randonnées Pédestres (FFRP): GR VF 145 partial!
  • Pas-de-Calais info guidebook  NB: DO NOT MISS  the signposted historic La Leulène shortcut (15,5 km shorter): Guînes-Wisques-Tournehem info Charles Debacker Moringhem Tel+33 321 951756 (see map)


  • Martigny-Bovernier-Sembrancher 4-4h30: New VF70 difficult, not practicable with bad weather and snow (alternative take the train or bus)
  • Martigny-Chemin-Sembrancher 4h30 open all year (alternative bus 215 up to Chemin)
  • Great St-Bernard pass (GSB 2450 m): officially open to road traffic from end of May to end of September. Upon arrival at Orsières: tel. and check info at Hospice meteo and make a decision about walking, renting snowshoes, (DANGER fog, avalanches) or taking the bus to St-Rhémy. Comments about welcome: questionnaire from 11.2015 (see PILGRIMS)
  • Historical alternative (interesting from Belgium or Germany) of Nikulas von Munkathvera (Iceland): Basel-Solothurn-Avenches-Vevey (190 km) TOPOFRANCIGENA-CH  SHOP
  • Arriving from East: historical short way to connect with the Camino of Compostela and Santiago or the VF and Rome) going via Feldkirch-Austria (400 km shorter to Arles-F), Chur, Via Francisca of Lukmanierpass, Pavia


  • VF official MiBAC +  AIVF
  • LAZIO Formello-XV Rome new:  v. Formalicchi, ponte su Cremera, v. Formellese, Veio, Isola Farnese
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