Via Francigena SWITZERLAND

Official VF70

F-Pontarlier −  Jougne  – Orbe – Lausanne historic VF: 70 km – 17 h (instead of 110 km)


  1. Martigny-Bovernier-Sembrancher 4-4h30, new VF-Route difficult;  not suitable with bad weather or snow (Alternativ: bus or train)
  2. Martigny-Chemin-Sembrancher 4h30, open all year round (Alternative Bus 215 to Chemin)


  1. Great St. Bernard pass (GSB 2450 m): official opening from end of Mai till end of September. At arrival in Orsières call the Hospiz for weather conditions  informations. THEN decide: walking or cross with Bus to St-Rhémy. Welcome comments GSB: Informations 11.2015 (s. PILGRIMS)

Historical alternative by Nikulas von Munkathvera (Island)

(interessting coming from Belgium or Germany)

Basel – Solothurn – Avenches – Vevey (190km)  TOPOFRANCIGENA-CH  SHOP

DORMIFRANCIGENA:  YHS / JH / AJ / Hostelling International  VII-VIII special offer CHF 25.-/pers.+ breakfast / pdj (2017?)


Swiss tour operator: Marti walk + bus sur la Via Francigena de Canterbury à VeveyMontreux – Roma

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